Comparison of efficiency

Quantitative comparison

2.112 WKAs (wind power plants) generate the same energy as 1 T.GKW (T.urbach large power plant)

Comparison building heights

With increasing height of conventional buildings their efficiency declines.

- due to reducing usable areas, increasing installation effort (mediums such as pipe systems, cable runs), due to development (escape routes, elevators) and constructive efforts which are caused by increasing impact of wind on the façade and so on (colored triangle)

In contrast the efficiency of the T.urbach large power plant (T.GKW) increases immensely with growing height:

  • average wind speed increases with distance to the ground.
  • Usable energy is not only increasing linear with the wind speed but increases with the third power (cube) of the wind speed.
  • Consequently a maximum wind exploitation results from our plants since they are planned up to a height to 1000m.


T.GKW – floor space requirement

The construction of single plants into the height (upwards) contradicts and stands in opposition to the construction of conventional WKA (wind power plants) which is mainly built on wide areas and wide spaces, like parks. Based on the known situation of the urban development the comparable floor space requirement for a T.urban large power plant (T.GKW) type 3 shall be demonstrated.

Global application – selected examples

Our calculations show that approximately 40 T.GKW type 3 would momentarily suffice to supply all of Germany with clean energy, mainly generated from wind potential. Because the structure of the atmosphere is the same everywhere or at least similar the T.urbach large power plants would be a possibility for shaping the GLOBAL ENERGY REVOLUTION. Thus China could manage with approximately 300 T.urbach large power plants, the United States with approximately 270 T.GKW, Japan with approximately 70 T.GKW and Russia with 65 T.GKW. In developing countries the water tanks of the buildings could adionally be used for supplying drinking water, the buildings themselves especially in the countries Africa and Asia they could be used as solar tower power plants.


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