Large power plant T.urbach (T.GKW)

The large power plants designed by n.EUS - NEW ENERGY URBAN SYSTEMS are power plant buildings with a totally new technology, a constructional ...... read more

Project implementation

The document „global energy revolution“ contains parts of the project implementation (1.1) on the topics: global objectives, upper winds, basics...... read more

New technical systems

New technical systems are the rotor system and the wind directional system. Their combination results in the Turbo-Rotor-System. There is a horizontal...... read more

New energy systems

The following count to the new energy systems: System A - wind energy /System B - wind energy / System C - wind energy  /                            ...... read more

Building system

The building system consists of a built shell, the modules, the intermediate floors and the water tanks. In its whole the building systems should...... read more

Energy adaption to the building system

The elements of the wind energy systems such as rotors with different rotor axis, the wind conductivity surfaces, the power transmission and others m...... read more

Adaption of the building to the energy system

The building system with its constructional possibilities must as far as possible fulfill the versatile requirement of the wind energy systems. This...... read more

Comparison (benchmarking) energy production WKA (wind power plant) – T.GKW (T.urbach-power plant)

The developed large power plants reach far into the lower layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere, where weather formation takes place and where...... read more

Comparison of efficiency

2.112 WKAs (wind power plants) generate the same energy as 1 T.GKW (T.urbach large power plant)... read more

Dynamic industrial architecture

In case of very high buildings we can assume that the wind hits the façade from different directions. The modules are rotatable and therefore...... read more

Visionary skylines

The skylines are not supposed to be either proposals for a developing plan nor for urban development projects. They may to show that the T.urbach...... read more

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