Comparison (benchmarking) energy production WKA (wind power plant) – T.GKW (T.urbach-power plant)

The developed large power plants reach far into the lower layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere, where weather formation takes place and where the energy potentials we encounter are by tens (decimal tens) higher than on earth. The rotors arranged on a raster principle modular and spatial are located in a height of 333.0 m to 999.0v m. The estimated wind velocities in this range are between 26m/s and 72m/s. Steady and heavy wind currents take effect hence the full load hours per year for the T.urbach power plant can amount close to 100%. Compared to this, the ratio of the full load hours of the current wind power plants on land and in the water is much lower. A high full load per hour ratio is significantly contributing to a faster amortization of the entire T.GKW. A T.urbach large power plant type 3 will probably generate an energy potential of 16.156 GWh.

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